About Us

Ava Leone Skincare was officially born in 2021 by a young(ish) entrepreneur who by day works in the world of financial services and by night is busy whipping away body butters, packaging orders and researching new recipes, combinations and ideas!
As a youngster, her mother would always gift her and her brother with shea butter from Sierra Leone, Ghana or Nigeria, whenever she visited or her friends returned from the motherland. As a woman of colour, being able to use a natural product on her skin, from Africa, that locked in moisture meant there were no more days of ashy skin or worrying about potential side effects.
After using shea butter for many years she decided to look into other ways to utilise it and whipped body butter became her thing!
Our body butter combines naturally sourced shea and cocoa butter to hydrate skin and hair. Both shea and cocoa butter are known as nature's natural moisturisers. With the additions of grapeseed and sweet almond oil, experience a moisturiser naturally enriched with vitamins A, E and F, antioxidant vitamins known to prevent early signs of ageing, promoting circulation and healthy skin cell growth. 
From family to friends to new customers, the reviews received have not only complimented how moisturising the body butters are, but it has also helped with skin complexities, so much so people want more Ava Leone products! And that is exactly why we are working away behind the scenes to finalise some new products to add to our collection. We are super excited to share what's coming next.....STAY TUNED!
All the best,
Avril aka Ava Leone xxx